Kairos and the Korean Diaspora Church

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Kairos and the Korean Diaspora Church

Kairos has become popular among the Korean churches in the UK, with more and more pastors keen to see Kairos courses run within their congregations. We have a good team of facilitators and Head Facilitators equipped to deliver courses in Korean. In April 2016, a group of young Koreans were invited to do Kairos. 19 participants (average age 20-30) were satisfied and challenged, grasping a new perspective on the Bible, mission and the world. This is a significant step forward, as we now have young potential facilitators for both Kairos and Youth Kairos.


‘The purpose of my life and priority have been established.’ (Eunbyul Ko)

‘Mission is not an option but compulsory.’ (Jinjoo Ha)

‘It has changed the way I view my life, my activities, time, the way I spend my money and effort.’

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