Becoming a World Christian

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Ingrid Smith took the Kairos course in Windsor in March 2010.

“As a Christian of only 16 months, I learned so much about devotion, prayer and the Bible. We studied mission history, geography, other cultures and mission strategies. We read and completed worksheets and were given time to gain insights and plan what changes we were prepared to make in our lives to help complete the Great Commission. For these reasons it was a journey of self discovery.

“To spend a week with other Christians in devotion and study was a real privilege. ‘Wonderfully stirring’, ‘History has been written in my life this week’, were amongst many inspiring comments. We felt transported in that hall to God’s glorious kingdom. I read in newspapers that people had seen screenings of the Oscar winning ‘Avatar’ and had not wanted to return to their normal lives. I could relate to that particularly after watching a film of an eccentric lady who had spent well over 20 years in Papua New Guinea as a missionary. I wanted to enter the screen and not leave by the door to life in Thames Valley.

“I certainly changed from simply knowing Jesus as my Saviour to becoming a World Christian and knowing Jesus as my Lord. I also changed from a woman who answers ‘English’ to nationality rather than ‘British’ to wanting to answer ‘Earthling’, as we are all one.

“James 2:17 says, ‘Faith by itself, if not accompanied by action is a lifeless thing.'”

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