From West Yorkshire to West Africa

August 23, 2016 Flora Davies No comments exist

I am currently living and working in West Africa. As I look back on the past 4 years I can see how God has guided me.  He has provided me with opportunities which have led me to serve Him. In the summers of 2013-2015 I went on missions to Kenya, where I saw firsthand the spiritual and physical needs of the local people. In 2015 I completed the Kairos course and I believe that without this I would not have come to this region of West Africa that is home to an unreached people group. Kairos opened my eyes to a huge need that exists in this world, a need for people of different nations, tribes and tongues to know Jesus Christ as their Lord. It is now my privilege to serve our God in the Sahel, living and working among a people with no established church. My work involves drilling wells for both physical and spiritual water, living by faith, trusting God that these men and women will one day know Him. I am grateful to Kairos for the knowledge and understanding I received and how that encouraged me to come to this dry, arid region of West Africa.

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