Called to mobilise God’s people to action

December 21, 2017 Flora Davies No comments exist

Will tells his story:

When I did Kairos in 2016, I didn’t really know what I was letting myself in for! By the end of the first evening I was totally gripped. Kairos broadened my worldview on what Jesus came to accomplish and what God has been trying to accomplish through His people ever since He called Abra(ha)m. It helped me to see that “mission” isn’t only for people who go overseas or for local missionaries, it is for every believer and should be the central focus of how God’s people outwork their relationship with Him.

God spoke to me so clearly and shared His heart for His mission. It challenged me deeply to begin working with Him to align my life in such a way that I could give as much of myself to His purposes as possible. The course also allowed space for me to process this and the teaching really helped me begin to see the areas where God was calling me to become active.

I was inspired and have a real passion to mobilise other people into playing their part in God’s great mission, particularly here in the UK where large areas of the church seem to have lost sight and direction, to reawaken the “sleeping giant” that is the UK church and help her to realise her potential in Him.

Since doing the course, I have never been the same and have become involved with facilitating Kairos and Youth Kairos courses and I hope to be able to give more and more time to doing so. As part of the Simply Mobilising team here in the UK I have also become involved with mobilising the prayer warriors in my home city.  My hope is that as God raises up prayer here His people will begin to really catch His heart for His mission in this city once again.

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