Bridge Community Church – Simply Mobilising

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Bridge Community Church – Simply Mobilising

Bridge Street Church in Leeds has a history of commitment to mission, yet for a large city centre church the numbers directly involved in mission activity have been comparatively few. Over the past few years we have been invited to run Kairos for this church as part of their regular discipleship programme. They now have their own team of trained Kairos facilitators, and have been forerunners in trialling the Unfinished Story and Youth Kairos.  As a result of Kairos, one young man is serving God in West Africa, supported by a prayer group from the church, while another is actively involved with easing the plight of refugees in Calais. Some of our newly-trained YK facilitators are young people from Bridge Street Church – helping us to introduce Youth Kairos nationally. Other participants have spoken of an increased burden to reach out to their neighbours – all good preparation as the church relaunches as Bridge Community Church as part of its move to a new site in a multicultural area of Leeds.

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