Why Europe? Why Now?

Produced by Culture Connect 2006

Available from Simply Mobilising UK £3.50 (£5 inc p&p)

Europe has changed! Europeans who once took the gospel to the nations are now in desperate need to hear the gospel themselves. Not only that, but the face of Europe is changing with ever increasing numbers of refugees and immigrants. This DVD is a call to pray for Europe, to see the need and recognise that there is hope for this continent.

Island Flame

Produced by Jesus Family/World Outreach 2008

Available from Simply Mobilising UK £10, all proceeds go to the work among the Koti people (£11.50 inc p&p)

This inspirational DVD tells the story of how one church in Japan prayed for 10 years for the Koti people of Mozambique, before sending a small team to witness among them. It is the amazing story of how a small community, the Buzu tribe, were transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and, in their own indigenous way, continue to grow and witness to neighbouring tribes. Island Flame  presents 6 points that we can learn from and apply in other cross-cultural church planting or pioneering situations.

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