Crossing Cultures


Crossing Cultures

Who is your neighbour? Where does he or she come from?


For many of us today, the world is on our doorstep, providing us with an unprecedented opportunity to share the gospel and our Christian lives with people of other faiths. But sometimes the challenge is breaking the ice – how do I take that first step of getting to know someone from another culture?


Crossing Cultures is an exciting eye-opening experience that gives practical tools on starting conversations and building relationships with people of different cultures. The Crossing Cultures encounter takes place over an evening and a full day. It includes:

  • A cultural meal
  • A time of sharing with a representative from that culture
  • An interactive training workshop
  • A practical field exercise in the community
  • Group debriefing.

We invite you to join us on a Crossing Cultures encounter – just one small but important step in the right direction.


An invaluable experience. I feel much more equipped to communicate with people of other cultures.

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