The Unfinished Story

We are living in both challenging and exciting times. The world around us is changing, but the gospel is unchanging and God’s command to make disciples still applies. The story of God’s kingdom on earth is incomplete and we each have our unique part to play.


The Unfinished Story will open your eyes to see all of history as God’s story. It will inspire and challenge you to think about what it might mean for you to be part of that story. You will have opportunity to consider how you can be actively involved in mission, starting right where you are.


How does it work?

This course can be run in four or six sessions and is designed for local church use, perhaps with cell groups or home groups. We provide the materials and train up someone from the church to facilitate the course, which uses a variety of learning methods and interactive activities, such as:


  • Inspirational teaching DVDs
  • Prayer for least reached peoples
  • Reading of challenging articles
  • Stimulating group discussions.

World events might suggest that The Unfinished Story is drawing to a close. Ours could be the generation in which the final chapter is written and you can have a part to play in it.


The Unfinished Story course is currently undergoing final revisions and is due to be launched in early 2017.

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